Me and my loves day in front of the camera...

So whilst my portraiture style is completely different from documentary style photography, I really adore the way documentary photographers tell a story. I wanted my little love story captured and told, so the gorgeous Cybelle from Cybelle Jones Photography met (and surprised) myself and my love at a little cafe inner city Melbourne. I kind of knew what to expect but at the same time I'm used to giving a lot of direction to my clients when photographing and well - this was different. It was fun though, nearly felt a little rock star like getting your photos taken while your sitting eating at a cafe! Tammy struggled a little in front of the camera, and whilst knowing she loves photos of us, she found it a little hard to be normal - which is normal! I think next time, no surprise shoots and that would eliminate that pressure. Nonetheless we had a fabulous morning full of laughs, so much so we stayed too long and missed our tattoo appointment - oops! Cybelle is so easy going and lovely to be around it was a really relaxed morning.

I friggin love the images, they are so us! Just like I wondered if they would be and I'm happy to share them here with you. Thanks Cybelle xx

Jess x